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As the oldest continually inhabited region on the island, Larnaca Cyprus cherishes its rich history with an authentic tapestry of cultural influences that harmoniously merge with its modern, progressive face.

The advantage of having one of the island’s two international airports, combined with a location that is the most central on the island, makes Larnaca city the gateway that links all the other major towns. Considered to be the most diverse of the regions, Larnaca’s appeal includes its warm, family-friendly approach and its status as the most religiously inclusive and multicultural part of the island.

These unique elements are further enhanced by its versatility – the high-quality organised beaches of its long, golden coastline and the contrast of its green mountainous villages – and an emphasis on maintaining the customs of the wider region. This successful recipe has created a defined identity that appeals to visitors who prefer to explore and experience the island – away from integrated resort hotels – and seeking a more immersive local experience.


Centred around its historic town centre, Larnaca city is wonderfully compact, with a treasure-trove of cultural and archaeological attractions all found within a short vicinity, making it easy to enjoy and discover on foot or combine with lazy beach days along its famous palm-tree promenade ‘Finikoudes’ that lies conveniently parallel to the commercial centre.

Finikoudes is one of the several organised beaches that offer a complete experience, with essential facilities (lifeguards, sun loungers, parasols and public conveniences); water sports; open-air gyms; sand playgrounds; beach sports courts; disabled floating sea chairs, kiosks, and multiple food and drink options.

The promenade is also in the heart of a myriad of cultural attractions that can be found along its length, including Europe Square, galleries, museums, the medieval castle and statues and monuments that are part of its innovative Larnaca Storytelling Statues initiatives – the first of its kind on the island. When it comes to diving, Larnaca is renowned for being the home of the Zenobia wreck dive, one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.

Leading towards the top hotspot of McKenzie Beach via the Piale Pasha sea walkway, the old town appears with its grand Saint Lazarus Church and the newly implemented Larnaca Art Workshops Neighbourhood. Past McKenzie Beach visitors find the Larnaca Salt Lake Network, where the famous Greater Flamingo is found in vivid pink flocks from November – March.

Time-capsule Villages

Away from the city, the Larnaca region is characterised by larger, active rural communities that give way to the countryside that winds towards the cluster of picturesque villages in the hills. Collectively known as ‘Orini Larnaca’, these villages remain rustically ‘frozen in time’, evoking a bygone era, and are popular for agrotourism and their practice of traditional pastimes.

Characterised by traditional stone architecture, cobbled lanes and fragrant forest, each village is unique, from the hand-embroidered lace and filigree silver works of Lefkara, and the beekeeping traditions of the nine Larnaca Rural Honey Villages, to tranquil nature trails and routes that are perfect for hiking or cycling.