Useful Tips


Cyprus gets a lot of sunshine year-round. In the summer months the island averages 11.5 hours of bright sunshine per day, while in the winter months there’s still approximately 6 hours of sunshine per day.



27 – 38 º Celsius

Although the official summer months in Europe are from June to August, Cyprus enjoys an extended summer season from May all the way through to October, and even into November.

During these months, the average temperature in Cyprus is between 27 to 38 degrees Celsius. Yes, it gets HOT. In addition to this, summer is mostly dry. However, if you are staying on the coast, you will enjoy the very welcome sea breezes.

You may see isolated thunderstorms occasionally but generally the skies will be cloudless and sunny.

On average, during summer, the water temperature averages between 24 to 28 degrees. No need to dip your toes in first!! Just jump right in!


0 – 10 º Celsius

Winter weather in Cyprus can often be compared to that of autumn for most other places in Europe. Winter typically has higher rainfall than other times of the year, but you’ll likely still get some sunshine if you’re visiting during these months.

The temperatures of the winter months can range in Cyprus depending on whether you are near the coast or up the mountains. Many visitors head to the Troodos Mountain Range during the winter months to enjoy a spot of skiing. Temperatures in the mountains are typically between 0-5 degrees Celsius as a low, versus temperatures of around 10 degrees Celsius in the central plain.

What Currency is used in Cyprus?

The Euro is used in Cyprus. Countless ATMs in all towns and tourist resorts mean you won’t have to go far before encountering a cash point. Most shops, restaurants and hotels accept all major credit cards.

How do I get around in Cyprus?

Renting a car or motorcycle is by far the best option. It gives you flexibility and the freedom to go where you want when you want. Note, in Cyprus they drive on the left-hand side of the road.

If you prefer not to rent a car, Cyprus does have a 24-hour taxi service as well as bus services.

What are the Public Holidays in Cyprus?

  • January
    New Year's Day

  • January

  • February
    Green Monday

  • March
    Greek Independence Day

  • April
    Cyprus National Day

  • April
    Orthodox Good Friday (2023)

  • April
    Orthodox Easter Sunday (2023)

  • April
    Orthodox Easter Monday (2023)

  • April
    Easter Tuesday (Banks only)

  • May
    Labour Day

  • June
    Pentecost Monday (Kataklysmos)

  • August
    Assumption Day

  • October
    Cyprus Independence Day

  • October
    Greek National Day (Ochi Day)

  • December
    Christmas Day

  • December
    Boxing Day