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PlusSea Lifestyle Bar

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Although I love traditional cuisine, I also enjoy visiting the more modern and international establishments on the island, and particularly those that provide me with a view of the Mediterranean Sea!

The Restaurant

Located on Limassol’s coastline, this is beachside drinking and dining that alluringly combines an idyllic and relaxed seaside vibe with an elegant and high-end selection of dishes and cocktails. The indoor restaurant extending out to its own private sun loungers and cabanas on the sands creates two distinct experiences. I personally like to spend the day on the beach and enjoy drinks whilst sunbathing then move to the interior at the end of the day to savour a seafood meal or meet friends for cocktails and platters.

The Menu

Due to the two different menus for the restaurant and the beachside service, there is quite an eclectic selection of dishes ranging from lobster, oysters and prime meats to the casual, lighter beach bites like sandwiches and salads. I particularly enjoy the carpaccio and a moreish cheese platter (served with delectable olives) with a local wine or one of their signature cocktails – Sangria please! – when catching up with friends. The desserts are very nice too, and a brunch menu was introduced in 2021. Locals tend to flock here for the exclusive seaside location (which comes with the prettiest sunsets) and the ease of turning a day on the beach to an evening of cocktails.

PlusSea Lifestyle Bar
Address: 95 Amathus Ave 4532 Limassol
Telephone: +357 2563 4995

The Sir Paul hotel offers a rich history combined with modern luxuries for their guests. While staying here you’ll enjoy the amenities and the convenience of being in the heart of Limassol on your vacation.